Alkalise Your Body

Alkalise Your Body

An alkaline diet consists of eating foods that can alter your body’s pH balance that would normally be on the more acidic side of the spectrum.

An alkaline diet is super beneficial for a number of reasons including its links to preventing diseases such as cancer. Alkaline foods include fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables. The diet itself does not encourage restricting foods that are commonly known to ‘avoid’ but rather look at the foods you eat based on how alkaline or how acidic they are.

You can achieve an alkaline diet by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and limiting your intake of sugary drinks such as soft drink or juice, limiting animal proteins to one serving a day, replacing processed carbohydrates with vegetables e.g., spiralised zucchini or cauliflower rice. Other health benefits of an alkaline diet are that it preserves muscle mass, may help prevent diabetes, protect against kidney disease and heart disease.

Saka water is a naturally alkaline supplement that has a multitude of benefits that no other spring water can give. It comes from a natural water source that has not been modified in any way.

Saka water can help with weight loss, give you healthy looking skin, remove toxins from your body, is good for your joints, is a form of stress relief, helps with kidney health, and prevents headaches. Saka water also tastes better than regular spring water, since there have been no alterations to the process of retrieving the water from its natural source.

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