Five Ways to Maintain Your Hydration

Five Ways to Maintain Your Hydration

Between work, exercise, and the other stresses of life, we often lose track of our basic needs. Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial elements of our health, and monitoring water intake throughout the day will put you on the path to looking and feeling great. If you find it hard to keep up with your recommended consumption, here are five tips to improve your water levels.

1. Pairing Water with Meals

Ensuring that you’re drinking water during meal or snack breaks is an easy way to track your liquid intake and improve your hydration. Drinking liquids while eating will also improve your digestion, which will help your body absorb the food’s nutrients more effectively.

2. Measuring Your Water Bottle

If you’re looking to guarantee your recommended daily water intake, consider adding measurements to your water bottle to help guide you. Setting personal goals, such as dividing your recommended daily intake into hourly portions, can ensure that your body’s hydration is consistent and remind you to keep it up.

3. Looking Out for Dehydrators

Many environmental factors can cause us to dehydrate more rapidly- this includes dry, hot spaces, such as warm weather or being seated close to your heater at home. Alcohol is also one of the most common dehydrators, so increasing your water intake in these situations will assist you in maintaining your levels.

4. Establish a Routine

Beginning and ending your day by drinking water will help re-hydrate you before and after sleeping, a time when our bodies naturally dehydrate themselves. This practice allows you to start your morning healthily and encourages further water consumption throughout the day.

5. Find a Water That Works for You

While a common deterrent against water is the ‘lack of taste’, many options are available to make this essential self-care more enjoyable. Fruit-flavoured water is readily available for those looking to diversify their intake. At the same time, drinks created with additional health benefits such as Alkaline Water can provide a wide range of advantages alongside rehydration.

When our bodies are adequately hydrated, we find ourselves looking and feeling our best. Finding the best water- and water routine- for you is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself, so take the time to look into the most enjoyable and beneficial option for your health

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