What makes our ZeoOne Zeolite better than other Zeolites

What makes our ZeoOne Zeolite better than other Zeolites

ZeoOne Zeolite

We have researched, tested and trialed zeolites from every corner of the Earth to find the cleanest and best quality Zeolite, and there is a huge difference between them.
The geological age makes New Zealand the source of one of the oldest known zeolite deposits in the world (roughly 320 million years). Our Zeolite is sourced from pristine and pure deposits with exceptional characteristics.
Zeolite powder is known for its myriad health benefits and can remove toxic wastes from your system. The healing properties of zeolite powder can help to efficiently remove pollutants, traces of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and organic compounds from the body.

Activated Zeolite is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but does its work electrostatically from the intestinal wall before being expelled in the usual way, so it is a very safe supplement to take.
Zeolite is perfectly safe for use and also helps to balance the pH level of the body.

At Natural Superfoods, we offer a complete range of natural products with incredible benefits. It is our endeavour to make available pure products for enhanced health and well-being. If you are looking for zeolite in Australia, browse through our range of some of the most unique and efficient zeolite powder.
We use an advanced, patented and exclusive micronisation process to bring you the most effective zeolite powder in the world.
At Natural Superfoods, we offer superior quality and extremely fine zeolite powder with powerful detoxifying properties. Whether you require zeolite for yourself, your pet or your garden, we have products to suit you. If you wish to know more, feel free to reach out to us. You can call us on +61 (03) 9357 1277. You can also get in touch with us through our online contact form.


Natural detoxification and gut wall strengthening

The volcanic mineral zeolite helps the body cleanse by binding heavy metals and eliminating them.

Exactly what is zeolite, and how may it help you?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral (silicate) with a very large surface area and a volcanic origin. The crystalline substance can take up specific compounds in its hollows and channels because of its porous nature. Micronised zeolite in particular is prized for its exceptional qualities as a filter and adsorbent for the elimination of contaminants.

Zeolite is utilised to bind ammonium and heavy metals in the digestive tract, thereby strengthening the intestinal wall barrier and facilitating detoxification.

Zeolite's physiological impact

The digestive tract acts like a sponge as zeolite moves through it. Its physical properties are responsible for its cleansing effects: Pollutants* in the environment are sucked into its intricate network of microchannels, where they are traded for minerals. Both the zeolite and the pollutant binders it contains are inert and cannot be absorbed by the digestive system. Instead of allowing the body to absorb more pollutants, the zeolite helps to expel the body's existing load of toxins.

It's time for a cleanse.

The human body is an expert at eliminating toxins. It uses complex detoxifying procedures to keep itself clean on a continuous basis. However, the demands of modern life are placing a strain on the infrastructure responsible for maintaining cleanliness and enforcing regulations. Polluted air, toxic spraying and cleaning agents, plastic foam, and a plethora of chemicals all place a strain on our health and wellness, and in certain cases can even be fatal* without proper detoxification. That's why it's so crucial to give the body a break and flush the intestines of anything potentially toxic.

Detoxification using nature's own power: micronised zeolite powder

When it comes to detoxifying, the natural mineral zeolite comes through as a tried-and-true medical product. It acts like a sponge, soaking up environmental pollutants* in our digestive tract and preventing them from entering our bodies. The zeolite safely transports the pollutants out of the body in the faeces. By preventing numerous toxins from entering our organism altogether, zeolite treatment protects and relaxes the intestines and the body.

* Ammonium and ions of heavy metals, especially lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, and nickel

When comparing adsorption and absorption, what are the key differences?

Adsorption (adsorbent, adsorb) is the process through which chemicals cling to a solid's surface. Not to be confused with absorption, in which chemicals travel through and into a solid or liquid's interior.

Studies on natural zeolite have shown that it has a detoxifying function.

Multiple research have shown that zeolite has detoxifying effects (1–4). One clinical trial found that zeolite significantly increased heavy metal excretion in some patients when taken over a period of 7 or 30 days (1). A further observational study found that after 25 days of utilising zeolite, there was a 90% reduction in the lead content in the blood of miners (2).

DynaCol zeolite

DynaCol zeolite is used for its ability to bind heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, and nickel) and ammonium in the digestive tract, hence enhancing the body's ability to eliminate these toxins.

a measuring stick for the condition of the intestines

The gut is not only the first and oldest organ in the body, but also the source of all life and the foundation of human health. We feel most in harmony when our digestive system is operating smoothly, but when it's not, it might throw us off kilter.

Distress in the Stomach

Environmental toxins, strenuous exercise, and emotional or mental stress are all potential causes of intestinal blockage and weakened barrier function. Damage to the highly sensitive intestinal mucous membranes can increase the absorption of unwanted chemicals while decreasing the absorption of beneficial micronutrients.

Natural supplements like zeolite can help reinforce the gut wall.

The "leaking" bowel can benefit from zeolite's natural defences. The natural mineral, which has undergone rigorous medical testing, helps to reduce the body's and the intestine's toxic load by flushing out a wide variety of contaminants. A "leaky" intestinal wall (leaky gut) also benefits from this cleansing process since it is given the opportunity to recover, regaining its filter and protective role and relieving the related symptoms.

Some research that back this up are as follows: Zeolite for intestinal permeability (5) (6)

A placebo-controlled double-blind study conducted in 2015 in Austria verified zeolite's beneficial effects on leaky gut: 52 sportsmen between the ages of 25 and 50 exhibited elevated levels of zonulin (a laboratory marker for leaky gut) in their faeces. The elevated zonulin levels decreased by 30% after daily consumption of 1.85 g zeolite for 12 weeks. That's why zeolite was so effective; it allowed the "leaking" intestine to heal and regain its filter and protective capabilities (5).

Some Practical Information About Zeolite

How to Use Zeolite and What Dosage to Use

When used internally, ZeoOne Zeolite is best taken right before eating. Every day, mix one level measuring teaspoon into a large glass of water (about 250 ml). When taking zeolite, it is not advised to also consume alcoholic beverages, caffeine, or acidic juices like those from grapefruit, oranges, or pineapples.

It is important to drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages while undergoing zeolite therapy.

For how long should zeolite be taken?

The recommended duration of zeolite treatment is 28 days. If you need to take the class again, give yourself at least a week between sessions. Continuous use of ZeoOne zeolite is not recommended.

Medication and zeolite

If you are taking any other drugs, you should wait at least two hours before taking the zeolite preparation. Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, zeolite should be taken before the drugs.

Zeolite's Potential Adverse Effects

Constipation (constipation) is a rare side effect of zeolite use. Most of the time, this is caused by not drinking enough water.

When it comes to quality, nothing but ZeoOne Zeolite will do.

In terms of safety, ZeoOne Zeolite has been evaluated as a class IIa medical device. The zeolite utilised is of the highest grade and purity.

Superior Quality Inputs

When it comes to producing their medical product, Lithos Natural GmbH is the only company in Europe to source all of its raw ingredients independently. The deposit location controlled by the corporation was chosen after extensive analysis of several other deposits, and it has consistently produced high-quality zeolite over the past decade. We can guarantee the highest possible purity because our raw material comes from an unpolluted source in New Zealand, a region of pristine wilderness. The mining, shipping, production, and packaging procedures  are all conducted with the utmost care and diligence, conforming to the highest standards of quality assurance. Having control over the entire value chain allows us to ensure the finest quality.

Highest possible efficiency achieved by a refined grinding procedure

ZeoOne zeolite has a 72% Silica, making it the highest of any mineral. This gives it a unique cation-binding capacity and high porosity. grinding process not only maintains but enhances these qualities: Small amounts are sufficient to produce an optimal binding of contaminants thanks to the zeolite's activation via grinding, which guarantees both its fineness and its unusually broad inner surface.

What's so great about ZeoOne zeolite?

Pure New Zealand zeolite, produced by industry leader DynaCol

With a particularly high percentage of Silica of 72%

Superb quality assured by using only the purest raw materials and mining in an unspoilt area deep in the woods where they are protected from any outside influences.

The finest quality is achieved by a unique advanced micronisation process DynaCol® micronisation, which guarantees a consistent mineral makeup and a heightened effectiveness and activation.

Safe: quality assurance across the entire value chain, from mining to grinding to packaging

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