Zeolite for Animals

Zeolite for Animals

Zeolite for Animals

Your animal’s body is bombarded with harmful substances every day. Zeolites are uniquely-structured minerals that can help detoxify him and promote healing.

We can do a lot to reduce our exposure to toxins. But they’re still a big issue because they’re in our air, soil, water and most of the food we eat – all things we can’t avoid. In fact, many health professionals believe that the majority of illnesses and diseases in humans arise from toxins in the body. It’s no different for our companion animals.

In fact, a recent groundbreaking investigation into the extent of chemical exposure in dogs and cats, conducted by the Environmental Working Group, discovered that our animals actually have higher levels of toxicity in their bodies than we do. This alone could account for the marked increase in chronic health issues addressed by veterinary offices across the country.

Toxins and disease

Heavy metals, like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides all have resounding health implications for dogs and cats. Scientists believe that high toxin levels in our animals are behind ever-increasing rates of cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes and more. Our animals are like the “canary in the coal mine” with their compressed life spans, their close proximity to the ground, and their smaller size. They may exhibit health problems from exposure much more quickly than we do, and may actually be warning us about potential hazards in our environment.

There are lots of things we can do to reduce our exposure to toxins, but the diseases and chronic illnesses we are seeing in such overwhelming numbers are nevertheless primarily due to a “toxic body burden”, an inability of the body to keep up with toxin removal on a daily basis.

Enter zeolites

It’s frustrating and worrying, but there are things you can do besides trying to avoid all harmful chemicals, which is impossible in today’s world. Helping the body detoxify itself is one effective way to protect yourself and your animals.

Zeolites are one way to do the job. Formed from a combination of the four elements – water, air, earth and fire – zeolites occur when volcanoes erupt and lava flows into both salt and fresh water lakes, creating a unique mineral. One of the few negatively-charged minerals in nature, zeolites feature an unusual cage-like structure that naturally draws into itself positively charged particles like mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals, as well as chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, carcinogens, allergens and pre-viral components. Once trapped within the zeolite’s “cage”, these harmful substances are excreted from the body safely and naturally.

When zeolites are mined and in a “raw” state, the cages may already be full of bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, and other substances they’ve picked up from their natural environment. But biochemists devised a method to “activate” or clean the cages of mined zeolites. There is no risk of contamination when these cleaned zeolites are ingested by humans and animals. Their absorptive capacity is in the range of 90 square feet per gram of zeolite. 

Once inside the body, zeolites capture heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other positively charged toxins. Amazingly, they do this in a hierarchical manner. They first remove lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals. Once they have removed those from the system, which may take many weeks or longer, they then trap pesticides, herbicides, plastics and so forth. Eventually, when those elements are also gone from the body, the zeolites will become a natural trap for viral particles, helping to prevent the production of viruses.

Activated zeolites are available as a supplement suspended in liquid. This liquid can be taken by both humans and animals and will remove toxins from the body (60% in the bloodstream and 40% in the GI tract), thus helping put the body in an optimal state of health. One company that offers activated liquid zeolites is ZeoZone, https://www.naturalsuperfoods.com.au/products/zeozone-activated-liquid-zeolite

Zeolites also have the ability to balance the body’s pH to a more alkaline state. Having a balanced pH has many long term benefits, not the least of which is to create an environment that’s antagonistic to disease; most diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Acidity creates pre-conditions for cancer as well as viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Once the body is free of the vast toxic load that’s causing chronic illness, and the pH becomes more alkaline, the immune system can deal with things the way it was designed to, often bringing about the most remarkable turnaround in the animal’s overall health. 

Zeolites are not a new or untried fad. They have been used in Asia for over 800 years to promote health and well being. In the US, they’ve been used with animals for 30 years, and human research has been underway for 13 years. Zeolites were used during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, when 500,000 tons of them were used in and around the Chernobyl reactors to help decontaminate the reactors and soil. Zeolites were also used for the construction of protective barriers and for agricultural applications in polluted areas. Children were fed cookies and biscuits laden with zeolite to help remove radiation from their bodies, while dairy cows were also fed zeolites to remove radiation from their milk.

What’s the dosage?

Currently, many zeolite products on the market are designed for humans, but they are being effectively used for animals as well. At zeoliteforums.com, you can listen to audio interviews with veterinarians and biochemists regarding the use of zeolites in animals.

Zeolites are not size specific as much as they are condition specific. For example, a Labrador and a horse would be given the same maintenance dose for detoxification. It is recommended that animals get a dose of five to ten drops three times a day for the first month when detoxifying. After that, you can give them three drops three times a day for maintenance.

If you’re dealing with a chronic health issue, you can increase the number of times a day you give your animal zeolites. The reason for this is that zeolites only stay in the body for five to seven hours. By giving the product at more frequent intervals, you will achieve a constant level of zeolites in the system to maximize the absorption of toxic elements.

It is important to understand that zeolites do not heal, cure or treat any health condition or illness, including cancer. What they do is remove harmful toxins from the body and balance pH levels to a more alkaline state, thereby creating an optimum environment for the body to heal itself as nature intended.

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