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NuFeed - Unique animal grade Zeolite 25kg

NuFeed - Unique animal grade Zeolite 25kg

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Unique animal grade Zeolite – Helps detox animals, remove Heavy metals from within the body, digest food more efficiently, removes mycotoxins and aflatoxins from feed. Improves health, reduces odour in feces and is easy to use.

Unique animal grade Zeolite – Helps detox animals, remove Heavy metals from within the body, digest food more efficiently, removes mycotoxins and aflatoxins from feed. Improves health, reduces odour in feces and is easy to use.

  • A Natural Product
  • Reduces Feed Costs
  • Improves Animal Health
  • Improves Housed Animal Environment



    Mycotoxins are toxic metabolites that are produced by fungi that grow on a wide variety of grains and animal feeds. This contamination can develop during plant growth, storage and processing. The toxins that have the highest negative effect in the animal industry are mainly found in cereal grains. Several factors influence mycotoxin production such as temperature, moisture, pH, the type of feed and the number of broken grains. The main mycotoxin producing fungi that possess major health risks are Aspergillus, Fusarium and Penicillium.

    The  presence of  mycotoxins can  cause considerable economic loss due  to  immune suppression and interference with feed conversion efficiency. In severe cases the toxicity causes death and reproductive failure.

    These toxins can also be passed down the food chain affecting humans.

    Considering Aflatoxin B1 is one of the most carcinogenic compounds discovered to date (The World Health Organisation), a responsibility lies with food producers to eliminate mycotoxins wherever possible. Other mycotoxins considered carcinogenic are Ochratoxin A and Aflatoxin M1 amongst others.

    Excess ammonia in the digestive tract is toxic and detoxification requires energy. NuFeed® preferentially absorbs ammonia thereby conserving energy. Mycotoxin contaminated feeds and pastures adversely affect animal production, reproductive performance and can induce heat stress. NuFeed® naturally binds mycotoxins and carries them safely through the digestive tract.

    NuFeed® slows the movement of digester through the animal and its reactive surface helps to maximise digestion process efficiency.


    NuFeed® comes from large deposits of natural zeolite found south of Rotorua in the central north island of New Zealand. These Zeolites are derived from lakebed sediments that were deposited during intense volcanic activity about 250,000 years ago.

    Hot water (120°C) rising from subsurface thermal activity transformed the clays into soft rocks with ordered internal structural sequences.

    Being young in geological terms, they possess different performance characteristics than other zeolites that are quarried in other parts of NZ, Australia, USA and Europe.


    During the thermal alteration period amorphous material was washed from the clays leaving a 2D skeleton of aluminium and silica oxides, which, due to a unique configuration, have a high negative charge (cation exchange capacity; typically > 100 meq / 100gm). Positively charged cations in solutions (or molecules suspended in air) can be absorbed into the zeolite and, depending on cation concentration, charge characteristics and pH, can later be released.

    The 3D skeleton has a large internal surface area (145m2/ gm) with pore sizes in the lattice work that allow some molecules to enter and be trapped, whilst other are excluded. Geologically young zeolites like NuFeed®tend to have less blockages in the lattice work and are therefore better able to absorb more liquids than older, more glassy zeolites. A large internal volume enables these younger zeolites to adsorb up to 100% of their own weight as water/ liquid.


    Studies performed to measure the mycotoxin adsorption capability of NuFeed® when added to animal feeds. NuFeed® was shown to bind toxin’s, ammonia, and other gases, aid pelleting and feed flow ability and improve mineral utilisation.

    Due to their unique structure of New Zealand’s “young” zeolite, NuFeed® naturally absorbs a number of mycotoxins in feed. Independent New Zealand studies have measured the adsorption capacity of NuFeed®

    Experiment 1

    The first study involved an in vitro absorption assay measuring the effect of NuFeed®added at either 1% or 2.5% to an artificial gastric juice containing either 0.5g/ mL or 2g/ mL of ochratoxin A. This toxin occurs throughout the world and has shown medium binding to some commercial aluminosilicate feed additives. Results of this experiment showed that addition of 1% NuFeed® reduced the free ochratoxin in solution by 50-60% within 15 min, and by 70-80% after 120min. Addition of (2.5%) NuFeed® increased adsorption by removing about 80%of the free solution ochratoxin by 15min and 94% by 120 min.

    Experiment Two

    The second study investigated NuFeed® absorbency in an artificial gastric juice on the aflatoxins BI, B2,G1 and G2 each at 50 and 100ng/ ml (equivalent to 50 and 100 mg toxin/ kg feed respectively)

    NuFeed® was added at 1% and 2.5% levels.

    At 1%NuFeed®all free Aflatoxin B1 and G1 in solution was removed within 15 minutes and 98% of Aflatoxins B2 and G2.

    HOW TO USE NuFeed®

    Simply mix 0.25% to 5% (w/w) with rations and feed normally. Addition rates depend on circumstances and objectives; New Zealand dairy cows have been fed as much as 1 kg NuFeed®/ day (6.25%addition rate) over summer with no side-effects.

    • NuFeed® added to calf meal has resulted in a significant reduction in scours.
    • NuFeed® is an excellent carrier and can be amended to carry ration additives.
    • NuFeed® improves egg shell quality in molted layer birds.
    • The fine particle size of NuFeed® ensures easy mixing and additions assist pelleting processes and enhance pellet strength.
    • NuFeed®is available in loose bulk, bulk bags, and 25kg bags.
    • A natural product
    • Small particle size aids mixing
    • Pellet strength improves
    • Pelletising process improved
    • Inclusion of NuFeed® into rations is cost effective. Please see your local NuFeed® representative for pricing.

    Product Technical Data Sheet

    Description VolcaMin™ produced from quality Hydrated Ca-Na-K Aluminosilicates / mordenite or clinoptilolite zeolite
    Appearance Powder, creamy white in colour
    Typical Application As a toxin binder in animal feeds, process aid and as a chemical/ probiotic carrier
    Inclusion rate 0.25% - 5% per tone
    Pack sizing Branded 25kg Multi Wall paper valve bag

    Branded 1m3 Bulk Bag with discharge spout

    Typical Chemical Analysis XRF %
    SiO2 Silica 70
    AI2O3 Alumina 13
    Fe2O3 Ferric 1.2
    MgO Magnesium
    CaO Calcium 1.5
    Na2O Sodium 2.0
    K2O Potassium 4.0
    LOI Loss on ignition 6.5

    Typical Physical Properties
    Bulk density 0.55-0.65gm/cm3
    Porosity 60%
    Slurry pH 8.65 (10% aq. Suspension)
    CEC 100 - 120 meq /100gm
    Surface area 120-130m2/gm
    Pore size 7 Angstroms
    Size 99% passing 0.80mm
    Moisture 4% - 8%

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